singles &
other works
The Winter Concert: The First Eight Years 1993 - 2000
Yellow Tail Records - Various Artists w/ Uncle Bonsai, Kim Scanlon, David Roth, Pierce Pettis & Christine Lavin

Erin contributes solo acoustic performances of “Secret About the World” and “Pot on the Stove”

Performing Songwriter Magazine
Editor’s Choice 1997 Top 12 Indie Releases
Memorial Day American Impressionist Songwriters, Volume II
Waterbug Records, 1997 - Various Artists, with Annie Gallup, Chuck Brodsky, Gina Forsyth, Dar Williams

Features Erin’s solo acoustic rendition of “Not the Hand of God” from Concert for the Cat: The Living Room Takes
Jim Page
Whose World is This?

Vocals and bamboo whistle on “Beautiful Tear”
“Beautiful Tear,” the album's closer, is the perfect jewel, the rain drop of loss. A gorgeous duet between Jim and Erin Corday”
Beth Ferguson
Inside Talking

Produced by Ian Tamblyn
Erin on piano and backing vocals, co-writer credits on “Remember Me.”
Joel Litwin on drums.
Linda Allen
Washington Notebook

Erin contributes vocals on “Weaving and Quilting”
Strong Women Rule the World (Brambus Records)
Various Artists w/ Annie Gallup, Margo Hennebach, Kate MacCleod

Features “Painter’s Eye” from Secret about the World
“Brambus selected 15 of the best contemporary American female songwriters and selected the best song of each”
Jim Page
Ghost Bikes
(to be released June 2010, recorded live at Jack Straw)
Erin on vocals and bamboo whistle.
Also with Michael Gray, Grant Dermody, Joe Martin and Joel Litwin.
Bug Soup (Waterbug Records)
Various Artists w/ Sloan Wainwright, Sam Pacetti, Chuck Brodsky, Kate MacLeod, Andrew Calhoun and Julie Henigan