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COVER STORY & INTERVIEW with Erin Performing Songwriter Magazine

Review of Painted Door in Minor 7th

Review of Secret About the World by FAME Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

Reviews of Erin’s Live Shows:

Percussively powerful... unforgettable.
Boston Phoenix

Lilting acoustic magic
Ottawa Sun

Corday electrified a Port Townsend audience that filled McCurdy Pavilion last year... she could have stayed all night.
The Leader, WA

The lineup is awesome... including David Grisman, Beusoleil, Richard Thompson, and our favorite singing wonder Erin Corday.
Summer Solstice Festival, CA

Brilliant... she rocks a few lines of delicate haiku into a soulful bit of acoustic Motown... Erin Corday has got the goods. Keep an eye on her.
The Herald, Hartford CT

A Northwest Folksinger Diva... now is the time to check her out so you can say "I saw her way back when.”
Pacific Inlander Magazine

The real highlights came from Spain's Basque country Tapia et Leturia, from Nightnoise, and from Erin Corday— a songwriter whose influences extend to Brazil… expect to hear more of her in the near future.
Steve Edge, Rogue Folk Review

Corday Held the House in the Palm of her Hand at Madison's last week. Every seat was full, every eye and ear eager…You could not only hear a pin drop, but you could hear every nuance in the sound, which was exquisite.
Sandy Bradley, Seattle Weekly

The gentler -- yet powerful -- strains of Seattle-based Erin Corday gave the audience a chance to catch its breath and settle into a set of haunting songs fueled by a massive voice. Along with a solid percussive backup, Corday touched with her bossa nova spin on Blue Moon, a magical Chilean folk song about a man and his horse, or the tasty dramatics of Land Of Sweetness. Corday's another one of those unknown treasures we've discovered and won't forget anytime soon.
Rick Overall, Ottawa Sun

Album Reviews & Honors
One of the “Top 12 Indie Releases” (Performing Songwriter Magazine), Erin's debut CD Butterfly Tattoo was also named “Best Northwest Release” by KBCS. Disc Respect listed her underground release "Concert for the Cat: The Living Room Takes" as one of the "Top Ten of 1994." After signing with Waterbug Records, Erin’s third LP and national release "Secret about the World" charted widely in the Top 30, with stations from Boston to Seattle reporting to CMJ and GAVIN. Nationally syndicated airplay included "The Country Eastern" and "Acoustic Café."

She's not your typical songwriter....her songs are insightful.
Dirty Linen

Corday's music is at once personal and political, powerful and fragile, fierce and tender… she treats the guitar like a drum, other times like a koto, even a mbira.
Bob Redmond, former program director, KBCS

Butterfly Tattoo is a truly lovely showcase.
Tom Phalen, Seattle Times

Erin Corday, who will perform tonight at Seattle's Backstage, is just such a performer. Her "Secret About the World" CD is unpretentious yet intriguing in both its music (driven by her guitar playing) and its words (delivered by an attractive voice that suggests untapped power).
Rick Nelson, Tacoma News Tribune

“Editor’s Choice Top 12 DIY Release of the Year”
Performing Songwriter Magazine

Issue 30, May/June 1998

COVER: Interviews with Marc Cohn, Gillian Welch, Peter, Paul & Mary, Behan Johnson, Peter Case, Danielle Howle, Michelle Malone, Leon Russell, Chris Stills, Kate St. John, Jules Verdone, Erin Corday and Barbara Higbie.

Amazon User Reviews of Erin’s Recordings

Fantastic CD!
Alex, Hood River OR

An absolute fantastic artist! You will love her music!
Amazon customer review

Tri-lingual acoustic feast of vocal melody and rhythm— every song is a jewel.
R.J. Tuggy, Georgia

Corday is a walk on a foggy night; she's a Mexican fiesta… and, thankfully, she's like nothing you'll encounter on pop radio. Buy the CD. You'll enjoy music that can be fun, sensual, and complex.
M. Miller, Bay Area CA

We are listening to your music right now - so beautiful! Your voice is unlike anyone else....absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent.
A. Froderberg, Rochester NY

Fan Reviews & Blogs

5 Wonder-fully Musical Things . . .

A big part of my life is spent in my little studio, and a good part of the time that I am here, there is music playing. I will be the first to admit (read: confess) that I get a little obsessive about my play lists. I find a new album, or a new artist that I love, and it's all I want to hear. Anyone else do that?

Erin Corday's Secret About the World like a life story all in one CD . . . I pulled this CD out a few months ago after not hearing it for years, and now it on constant shuffle.
June/August 2008

She is like an alien from another planet who had never seen the guitar played and was just told to make pretty music. She does things that no one else does, and no one can figure out, and it is just astounding and beautiful.
Student at Old Boise Guitar Company