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3/22/11 UPDATE:
The album is done! 200 advance copies are available now, directly from Erin while we work on the national release for May. Order here.

Where the Body Is
Erin’s third national release and her first studio recording since Secret About the World and Butterfly Tattoo.

Produced by Michael Savage at Messy Blue, Seattle. With Joel Litwin, Michael Savage and Rich DePaolo, and special guests Grace Hearn, Dave Carter and Eyvind Kang.

We love analog and recorded the main tracks on genuine 2-inch Ampex tape machine to capture the warmth of vocals, guitars, drums and piano. Transferred to digital for final tracking, editing, mixing and mastering.

Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, drums and bass, moog and Wurlitzer, piano, keyboards, trumpet, viola and various other objects.

1. Where the Body Is
2. The Landing
3. Silks
4. Two Weeks
5. Orange Chair
6. Hummingbird
7. Bee Song
8 . The Beloved One
9 . Lullaby for a Not Yet Dead Boy
10 . Fuera
11. Undertow


“I’m just stunned and thrilled and overwhelmed… it’s incredibly beautiful… Your new record continues to amaze. I've been listening to it pretty much nonstop!”
KYM TUVIM, award-winning songwriter

“I love it—especially Where the Body Is, Silks, Orange Chair and Lullaby.”
ANDREW CALHOUN, folksinger & founder of Waterbug Records

“A beautiful song and vocal performance. And the sounds are amazing... You are making a wonderful record”
RICH DEPAOLO, musician and recording engineer (Walter Strauss, Burns Sisters)