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Where the Body Is
Waterbug Records, 2011-- NEW RELEASE!
Erin’s third national release and her first studio recording in over ten years. Produced and recorded by Michael Savage. With Joel Litwin and Rich DePaulo, and featuring special guests Grace Hearn, Craig Flory, Dave Carter and Eyvind Kang.

1. Where the Body Is
2. The Landing
3. Silks
4. Two Weeks
5. Orange Chair
6. Hummingbird
7. Bee Song
8 . The Beloved One
9 . Lullaby for a Not Yet Dead Boy
10 . Setenta y Siete
11. Undertow


Press & Reviews for Painted Door l Buy
Painted Door
Waterbug Records, 1998

Recorded live at the Seattle Mercer Arena and concert halls and clubs across the Northwest, Painted Door charted at #28 on the Top 40 Folk-Roots nationwide.

1. Mi Caballo
2. Land of Sweetness
3. Who Says
4. El Tigre
5. Long Hair
6. Didjago
7. Fragil
8. Still Life
9. Tunnel Vision
10. Bamba
11. Pi
12. Eclipse
13. Wicked Road


Reviews for Secret About the World l Buy
Secret About the World
Waterbug Records, 1995

Named one of the "Top 12 Indie Releases" by Performing Songwriter Magazine. Studio recording with Joel Litwin on drums and percussion, Paul Benoit on guitar, Garey Shelton and Cary Black on bass.

1. Was It You
2. Painter’s Eye
3. Secret
4. Only
5. Fragil
6. On the Seven
7. Only New World
8. Kiss of Stone
9. Unshakable Faith
10. Camel Walk
11. Was It You (reprise)
12. Rockabye
13. As the Sun Goes
14. Walk On

Kudos for Concert for the Cat l Buy
Concert for the Cat: The Living Room Takes
Limited Edition Underground Release, 1994

Named one of the "Top Ten of 1994" by Disc Respect (Boise, ID). Acoustic recording with guitar & vocal, no overdubs.

1. Hello Mama
2. Penumbra
3. Not the Hand of God
4. Samoan Girl
5. No Stranger
6. Bumpersticker Man
7. Acapulco
8. Gets You Thinking
9. Small Animals
10. Bells
11. Chanson
12. Ashes
13. Tearful Reunion

Press & Reviews for Butterfly Tattoo l Buy
Butterfly Tattoo
Little Black Dress, 1993

Named "Best Northwest Release" by KBCS and "Top 12 Indie Release" by Performing Songwriter Magazine. Studio recording with Joel Litwin, David Lange and Amy Denio (Billy Tiptons).

1. Crossword Puzzles
2. Pot on the Stove
3. My Sleeping Beauty
4. Spies of the Alleyway
5. Wind on the Bridge
6. Ashes
7. Dancing Mannequins
8. Year of the Dragon
9. Butterfly Tattoo
10. Fly Away
11. No Longer
12. Desert Song