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Myspace - just for a few audio clips
Waterbug Records - get my albums here

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Musicians & Artists * Friends & Collaborators
Joel Litwin - drummer extraordinaire
Michael Savage & Grace Hearn - fantastic duo Hand to Mouth
Rich DePaolo - wonderful bassist (Walter Strauss, h2m, Burns Sisters)
Dave Carter - glorious trumpet (Jesse Sykes, Wayne Horvitz)
Eyvind Kang - viola... voila! (Bill Frisell, Marc Ribot, Laura Veirs)
Gary Payne - incredible photojournalist - see the cover of the new album!
UM Flight Lab - fascinating videos of birds and the evolution of flight
Redcandle Design - Joel is also an amazing photographer!
Andrew Calhoun - great songwriter, founder of Waterbug Records
Kym Tuvim - she's on hiatus so try to catch one of her rare shows
Blame Sally - Jeri Jones, Monica Pasqual, Pam Delgado & Renee Harcourt
Jim Page - the one and only, legendary and always now

How to Recycle Compact Discs & Jewel Cases
If repair or reuse is no longer an option, you can recycle any obsolete discs and broken cases. Put discs in one envelope, plastic cases in another. CD Recycling Center is the best I've found, they're non-profit and free. They ask for a small donation of at least $2.00 per shipment.

CD Recycling Center
68E Stiles Rd.
Salem, NH 03079

The Last Word
Thank you for your patience and support as we get everything up and running… there sure is a lot to do after being on hiatus for ten years!